Friday, July 15, 2011

crewl work curtains for country cottage

this beautiful fabric I have made into curtains for the tiny windows of a beautiful country cottage in the hidden depths of the Dorset countryside. Through out the cottage each room has had similar treatment with cushions, window seat pads and curtains. The pattern repeat for this fabric is huge and took a bit of working out to fit the windows in a cost effective way. I loved that each pattern repeat was slightly in-perfect, colours of the wool varied in some of the flowers, stitches slightly bigger in different areas. Someone somewhere in the world work very hard with their embroidery.

these curtains are from a fantastic 'grand designs' new build where the customers wanted to use a new type of curtain tracking system called The Wave from Silent Gliss. No curtain hooks involved and a beautiful wave created in the curtains that are operated by a pulley at the side.