Thursday, January 28, 2010

My very busy pre-Christmas marathon

Everyone wanted their stuff for Christmas. Trousers to turn up, the party dress to take in (or let out!) a new coat that had sleeves too long - well you know what it's like, once you have set your heart on wearing that item to that occasion and you have spent hours shopping for it or deciding on it then you really would be disappointed not to be able to wear it. Two lovely ladies who were each going on a cruise in early January, one of which had been on a very very strict diet and and in 4 months had gone from a size 22 to a size 14!! Well done I thought, however, all her summer wardrobe needed to be drastically take in for the 4 week holiday. That took me a whole week. Then there were the people who were having people to stay for Christmas, or were going to be using the dining room that-never-got-used as they were cooking for dozens. It all had to be made for pretty much the same deadline and Christmas was looming.....I also had my siters and their families to stay for the first time in years so I had lots of organising to do myself. Anyway so that I stop babbling on I will cut it short and I did manage to put off those who weren't desperate and by working all the hours possible I managed to get it all done. So satisfying that everyone was happy and my own celebrations went really well too.