Friday, May 4, 2012

Just thought I would add these lovely curtains to the site from a seaside guest house.
The covered buttons give a beautiful finish to the pinch pleating.
I love the fabric and the buttons they look like something from the era of jousting knights.

Friday, July 15, 2011

crewl work curtains for country cottage

this beautiful fabric I have made into curtains for the tiny windows of a beautiful country cottage in the hidden depths of the Dorset countryside. Through out the cottage each room has had similar treatment with cushions, window seat pads and curtains. The pattern repeat for this fabric is huge and took a bit of working out to fit the windows in a cost effective way. I loved that each pattern repeat was slightly in-perfect, colours of the wool varied in some of the flowers, stitches slightly bigger in different areas. Someone somewhere in the world work very hard with their embroidery.

these curtains are from a fantastic 'grand designs' new build where the customers wanted to use a new type of curtain tracking system called The Wave from Silent Gliss. No curtain hooks involved and a beautiful wave created in the curtains that are operated by a pulley at the side.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New life to a footsool

This footstool was given a new life when I recovered it with some fabric taken from an old curtain

chesil beach lodge

this is a guest house with the best out look ever. I have been asked to make some new soft furnishings such as curtains, which we decided on eyelet headed curtains, a bedspread and some various cushions

Friday, March 12, 2010

loosecover success

I am so pleased to be finished this latest order of making a loosecover for this chair. It was an enjoyable challenge! It was a chance for me to get creative. Usually I have made covers in quite square shaped sofas or chairs which are reasonably straight forward, however this venture was beautifully curved in shape, scroll arms, wings and needed piping too. The lovely striped Harlequin fabric gives new life to the gorgeous shape.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The gorgeous qualities of silk

This lovely client ordered some silk from China so these swags and tails could be made to hang over her window, with a pair of braid edged curtains underneath. It was worth the wait for this lovely quality silk which has a slub through it. The braids were ordered from a company in this country and are also silk. The colours are dyed to a great pigment that is a blend of blue and grey tones and although the tassles and the braid are not part of the same collection they work well together. Once hung they looked stunning on a backdrop of an Osborne & Little seriously over-the-top intricately designed wallpaper which has birds of paradise set against a 'duck-egg' blue.